About Us!

Who we are

We're a bunch of nerds who work together on all sorts of stuff; here's the main team!

Honorable mentions to Sen, Jane, Chris, Drew, and the rest of the supporting team; you're less likely to talk to them if contacting us, but they're usually around helping make sure things run smoothly.

What we do

Our work always has been—and always will be—made with the intent of emphasizing curiosity, compassion, and wonder. We want to tell stories that can help a variety of people feel seen, in a society that doesn't often take them into account. We want to help recapture the joy of a world too big to understand, in a time where that's usually considered something to fear. We want to give people hope, when some find it hard to grasp at. If you want to help make all that happen, you can support us on Patreon, or check the other links on the main page.